Depending on your industry, the hotter months can cool down your business’ sales. Here are a few ways to combat the slow summer and get your name out there:


1. Higher temperatures, lower prices.

Everyone loves a summer sale. If your competitor is tossing around discounts and you aren’t, your customers will start to take notice. Start planning your summer sale now to keep your prices competitive.

Plus, marketing material is easy with all of the summer puns!

2. Hit the streets

Literally. Summer is the perfect time for inexpensive outdoor promotion tactics, such as sidewalk chalk and sandwich signs. Use these methods to advertise your enticing price drops, a new product, or just a fun note. A clever phrase written in front of your business might end up on passersby’s social media accounts. Free promotion!

3. Give some, get some

During the summer, people are going to use sunscreen, water bottles, beach towels, t-shirts… why shouldn’t they have your logo on them?

Adding a promotional product to the media mix increases the effectiveness of other media by up to 44 percent.

Include some free promotional goodies in each purchase, and your customers will be happy to use them.

4. Time for a cookout

Everybody loves a good cookout. Serve up some mouth-watering treats to get your name out there and kickstart word-of-mouth marketing. Post the event online and hang up posters to invite the public, or just cater to your current client base.

Grill some burgers, crank up the tunes and don’t forget to give out some of your free promotional swag! Encourage social media posts by setting up a photo area and suggested hashtag for the event.


Take advantage of the unique opportunities the summer presents for the promotion of your business. And as always, give AMPs a call for any of your marketing and communications needs!


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