Today is not only the last day of June, meaning the height of summer is getting progressively closer, but it’s also National Social Media Day.

This relatively new ‘holiday’ is now marking its 8th year since conception by Mashable in 2010. Mashable launched Social Media Day to celebrate the impact that social media has had on global communication and its ability to connect people, cultures, movements and so much more.

Here at AMPs, we work with social media on a daily basis. Posting and sharing content, generating interest, keeping up to date on current events, hashtags and trending topics.

We thought we would celebrate Social Media Day by paying homage to our generation’s use of social media for marketing campaigns and social movements alike.


Apple – #ShotOniPhone

One of Apple’s best marketing campaigns owes much of its success to social media. The Shot on iPhone campaign involved a compilation of photos and videos captured on the iPhone 6, and subsequent models, by photographers commissioned mainly through social media. These stunning images were used to highlight the product’s camera quality, using solely user-generated content (UGC).

#ShotOniPhone spread through social media channels, with average users producing free marketing for the latest iPhone while showing off their photography skills. This campaign is a great example of the participatory culture that social media marketing really embodies.


ALS Association – #IceBucketChallenge

If you were on Facebook in 2014, you undoubtedly saw celebrities, friends and strangers dumping buckets full of ice on their heads. All in the name of charity.

The ALS Association kick started this campaign to raise funds and awareness of the disease’s effects, and the campaign spread like wildfire.

Users from the entire spectrum of influence were making videos, donations or both. Over the course of the challenge, 17 million videos were made, and $115 million was raised. That means The ALS Association received $6.75 per video posted, with minimal marketing dollars invested. The simple concept of viral video, sharing, and tagging essentially resulted in a donation amount normally attributed to a much higher investment in marketing tactics or fundraisers.


These are just two examples of the weight that social media holds in our society. Social media is much more than an adolescent’s pastime. It has the ability to spread a shared idea by pulling resources from the ends of the earth.


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