If you’re located in Maryland like we are, you have probably seen the signs, license plates and advertisements encouraging you to “Save the Bay.” But what does that mean, and why should you care? Well, by ignoring the factors that contribute to pollution of the Chesapeake you are actually putting your business at risk. Get […]

Good photos can make or break your marketing efforts. AMPs has a few tips to help you take great photos for your marketing materials and use them to best serve your business or organization:

Graphic and web designers may seem to have their own language, but we’re here to help shrink the communication gap so you and your designers can be on the same (web)page:    

25 Mar 2016

Communication is Key

As a communications firm, you would think that everyone at our company has the term “Communication is Key” branded on their foreheads, but as in every company, there are errors in translation. At AMPs, we define success as “happy clients.” To achieve the goal of our clients being happy, we must streamline our work to […]

By Kristy Cooper, The Business Monthly Originally posted on BizMonthly.com As a nonprofit, do you want lots of web site traffic, rapport with your audience and a surplus of donations? If the answer is “yes,” then more than likely you’ll need a strong web site with a quality video on the homepage. According to MarketingSherpa, […]

If you’re not getting the business you want, have you checked your website? The rule for how often you should refresh your site is more frequent than you think. Some marketers advise businesses to do a website overhaul every 18 months. While each website has its own mission, one common denominator is that sites need […]

Do You Know His Name? Black History Month is a time for us to celebrate the positive impact African Americans have had on our nation. As advertisers, we can credit the advancement of our craft to many contributors, but when it comes to the diversity in advertising, the most notable game-changer is Tom Burrell. Tom […]

Good and Strange Super Bowl Sunday is considered the Big Game for football players and advertisers. During this year’s program, each 30-second spot was sold for a reported $5 million. Shocking, right? Actually, a Super Bowl spot is the most cost-efficient spot an advertiser can buy. With about 112 million viewers, these ads are reaching […]

Observe others when you’re out in public and you’ll notice nearly everyone is surfing the web on their mobile device. In fact, over 70% of people have a smart phone today and the number of people surfing the web on mobile devices is still growing. So, let’s explore why you need to get ahead of […]

When you give, you’re more likely to get back. Nonprofit organizations everywhere are always in need of your help. Nonprofit organizations everywhere are always in need of your help. They all serve a purpose to further their cause. You may wonder, “Why should I give away my hard earned money to a nonprofit organization?” Giving […]