26 Feb 2016

NCCF Website

The National Catholic Community Foundation was started to bridge some of the gaps in the donor-charity relationship. And, it was designed to encourage philanthropy today and across the generations. This quiet organization aims to revolutionize the way individual donors, charitable organizations, parishes, schools, and even dioceses use and protect their assets. NCCF needed to build […]

25 Feb 2016

Josephites Website

A growing and active society, The Josephites, desired a website that would allow them to show different categories for their various news on the homepage. Essential information also needed to be displayed for users. Solution: AMPs proposed the tab functionality to satisfy the different news the Josephites generate along with the homepage rotator to showcase […]

AMPs met with School of the Incarnation and their number one concern about their website was stakeholders could not find needed material. We also learned that SOTI was a very active school and AMPs needed to find a creative solution to display their activity while still staying organized. Solution: AMPs recommended the use of “balloon” […]