When you give, you’re more likely to get back. Nonprofit organizations everywhere are always in need of your help. Nonprofit organizations everywhere are always in need of your help. They all serve a purpose to further their cause. You may wonder, “Why should I give away my hard earned money to a nonprofit organization?” Giving […]

To reach people plugged into their social media outlets, Instagram is a wise way for brands to connect with consumers. Instagram, specifically, is brimming with businesses that use the popular photo app to optimize awareness of their product or service. One way businesses use Instagram to generate awareness is by connecting with their followers in […]

Basic is beautiful. Ornate is overkill. This is the adage that effective websites are following these days. The more clutter that is displayed on a website, the less likely viewers are going to stick around for long. Even The Atlantic, Amazon and other established brands across all markets have embraced the Facebook-style, blog stream display. […]

31 Jul 2015

Try, try again

Let’s see if you’ve experienced anything like the following. While surfing the web I came across an ad for a beautiful dress. I clicked the ad just to see what the price might be. I admired the dress but I didn’t want it. Well actually, to be more accurate I shouldn’t spend money on a […]

So, you want to use social media platforms to promote your business, but you don’t know where to start. Let us guide you on your way into the world of major outlets. The first thing to keep in mind is that not one is inherently better than others for everyone. You must make your choice […]

07 Jul 2015

Latest Website Trends

Every year, we see new website design elements emerge. You may be asking yourself: But what are the latest features to include in my website redesign? And what elements are most important? Well, we’re here to help. Here are six important elements of modern website design that you can include. When deciding, please be sure to […]